Pulling out grass


A long long term project all this, to tart up the side at the front.   It started a number of years ago to turn what was really just long grass and weeds at the side of the driveway into something a bit more appealing.  I notice a lot of people down our road have just concreted over it to extend the width of the drive way but I have never wanted to do that.  It is a thin bit of garden but it can be used all the same.   We have rhubarb and raspberries down here, plus various wild flower plants from seed.   The other night I spent a bit of time and reclaimed another stretch, leaving just a couple of metres left to do.  I might for a change this year put sunflowers down here.

The other night I used the red watering can with weed killer mixed in the water to give all the weeds growing up through the gaps on the driveway a good watering.  Today I used the piece and quiet of England’s final appearance in the World Cup to sit outside pulling up all the dead weeds from the gaps in the driveway.   It reminded me of Sundays from years ago when shops used to be shut and the roads quiet.   It took me a couple of hours to get the weeds out and I gave it all another dose of weed killer afterwards.   The final result is a driveway that now seems a lot wider and certainly looks better.

One more evening at some time, and the last couple of metres at the side will be weeded and ready for planting I am sure

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