Pre-Sprouting Seeds

Normal Seeds Pre Sprout Seeds

A tale of two seeds, or infact two lots of seeds.   Two different squares were planted with the same mixed salad leaves at the same time.  The one of the left was sown straight into the bed as normal while the one of the left was just soaked for five minutes and then left on damp tissue enclosed in a sandwich bag.  After a couple of days the sprouted and then, following Mel’s advice, I just cut up the seedlings on their tissue and popped them in the beds.

The result is that the pre-sprout seeds have been a lot quicker than putting them straight into the beds.  After about a week the pre-sprouted seeds have not really grown a great deal whereas the ones straight into the bed are now germinated and growing very fast.

So the unscientific conclusion is that pre-sprouting gets them going but then they halt when planted out, something which I suppose you may expect.   Because of this, it seems to make little difference then.

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