Free wood leads to new project

wooden path

I plan to make a start on this over the weekend. The other week we managed to pick up some free wood off freecycle for burning on the fire. When the bloke stopped by to drop it off it turned out to be a whole transit van full of thick good quality wood that would take months for us to get through on the fire.

One the the things i have wanted to do in the back garden for a while is to get rid of the boring and strict path that goes up to the similar paved patio area. The idea here has been to replace the straight line with something more wriggly and organic, at the same time moving the path nearer to the fence and so giving us a bit more grass and sorting out the small script between the path and the fence which really is a bit of a waste. It was originally put to grass for the rabbit to have a large run along the side, but the day after doing this the rabbit escaped and got eaten by a fox. Apart from the obvious sadness of finding bits of rabbit all over the garden, it was a bit annoying to have spent all that time sorting out a home for the rabbit. To add some history to this, for the last 12 months the rabbit had been free range within the garden and so it was just bad luck fir the rabbit that the one time he needed to be safe from foxes he managed to get himself into a bit of trouble.

That explains why we have a bit if unused grassy bit of garden which is too narrow for anything and a bit of a mess as it is too small to mow too.

The plan then is to dig up the paving slabs and anything underneath and then cut the wood to size to make an even width wiggly path. In between the wood will be pebbles which gives a further organic feel to it and is quite fitting seeing as we are right next to. A pebbled beach.

I did have plans to sneak over to the beach in the middle of the night and get the pebbles that way. I dismissed this when I thought just how many trips I would have to make to the beach and how heavy pebbles are, and that it is not really legal to remove so many from the beach. Then, as if by magic, along came an email from free cycle from a person getting rid of pebbles from their garden! An exchange of emails took place and it turned out that this bloke had a garden full of pebbles and was replacing it with grass and would have trailer loads of them. So free wood and free pebbles. The email exchange then went cold and so I’m hoping it is still on and that by the end of the week I will be the owner of a big pile of pebbles.

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