So much rhubarb

We have been busy at home these last couple of weeks and I knew while we were absent from the plot the rhubarb would be going bonkers. I was able to pick nearly 1kg of it when I did finally go up to the plot and it seemed to hardly make a dent in the plant. Last year I don’t think was so good, whereas the year before was really good – maybe one year on and one year off and this year is an ‘on’ year. Also, we did cut the cherry tree down which was next to it and so the rhubarb must be feeling better without the competition.

Last visit I had spotted some purple sprouting starting to appear, and about time too as I nearly pulled these plants out. I forgot that it takes nearly 11 months or so to get something back from these plants. There were loads ready this time and was able to take loads home with hopefully the promise of some more as it regrows. I had decided to not bother with these again, but after this harvest I’ve changed my mind, again.

Onion sets put in the other week were starting to sprout, while the overwinter ones doubled in size since last time. Even the onion seeds sowed in the autumn are now looking quite respectable, maybe as large spring onions at the moment though.

It was a quick visit, in the rain, although by the time I got there the rain was no longer there and it was sunny – all in a space of a couple of miles. Part of the quick visit was also to sow some early carrots, we already have some sown at home and I thought I;d do the same on the plot too. Inbetween the onions and garlic I hope it will disguise the carroty smell.

I followed it up with another quick visit first thing the next day as I had forgotten to take up the four rescue broad bean plants that I sowed in February following the freezing weather that killed off a lot of the over wintering beans. As it happens, they mostly bounced back but there were still some gaps and so these later ones went in. While there, I noticed a recent woodchip delivery and so helped myself to a couple of loads to start putting a bit of a path along the fence.

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