Weekly Harvest 12th Nov 2019

12th November 2019

Just picking vegetables for tea and I came home with a nice long parsnip and a massive big cabbage. The cabbage, the last one still in the ground, had split and so it was time to cut it. That is the last of the white ones, there are a couple of red and savoy cabbages but they have all ended up overshadowed by the sprouts and so I’m not expecting too much.

I pulled some more parsnips mainly to clear space, I will leave the majority of them for the cold weather to get to them. The first one was long and straight, not the biggest but certainly a good looking parsnip. The second was just a round top, I thought it was a turnip to start with.

We took home:

  • white cabbage (last one, massive)
  • carrots (mostly Nantes, not many coloured ones left now)
  • turnips (nearly all gone)
  • parsnip (one long and straight, the other we don’t talk about)
  • beetroot

B/F £234.49

Cabbage 1.20kg£2.01
Parsnip – 183g£0.26
Turnip – 124g£0.30
Carrot – 362g£0.27
Coloured Carrots – 35g£0.47
Beetroot – 161g£0.54
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £238.34

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