Fires and cabbages

Just quickly popping up to get some bits for tea, and how about burning some of the wood cuttings we have been collecting throughout the summer…. Tom came with me, once the fire was lit we pottered about.

The last white cabbage had split quite a bit looking like it had grown a bit too large. Once we had cut it for taking home we cleared the bed and covered in compost ready for something next year. Other than that, we cleared a lot of fallen leaves and dealt with weeds. We also picked up some bags of manure which had been piled up at the entrance of the site. It looked quite fresh and so will probably not use it just yet this year.

We took home:

  • carrots
  • turnips
  • parsnips (1 really long straight one, the other looked more like a turnip!)
  • cabbage (rather large and split)
  • beetroot

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