Weekly Harvest 5th Nov 2019

5th November 2019

A quick visit to tidy up and bring home carrots and some ‘leaves’ for tea. Very much winter veg now. We pulled our first parsnip, live ‘on air’ as Richard from the Veg Grower Podcast had popped over for a visit and chat. We had been talking about the experiment carrots that I had transplanted and how you could see how they had been impacted by the transplanting. I suggested I was a bit worried about the parsnips as I had done the same (not an experiment this time) and so Richard suggested pulling one to find out.

The result was not too bad. You could clearly see the similar impact to the carrots. Starting off at the top looking quite good but then much thinner and restricted growth a bit further down. However, it was a viable parsnip and the root had gone down deep. It would had been better if it had not been transplanted , but it was good all the same.

B/F £231.45

Chard – 103g£0.77
Parsnip – 173g£0.24
Turnip – 161g£0.39
Carrot – 341g£0.26
Coloured Carrots – 77g£1.03
Kale – 39g£0.35
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £234.49

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