Broad beans and parsnips

In less than a week we have broad beans! Not quite ready to pick, infact only just showing up in the soil, but seeing as I only planted them six days ago I wasn’t expecting them so soon.

Just a visit to see how things were after yesterday’s storms and apart from netting blown off there was nothing else. Other plots had pollytunnels in various states of destruction.

I cleared up some leaves and took some bits home, I wasn’t there for long. I did return however, in the afternoon with the Richard from the Veg Grower Podcast who I had invited over to do a podcast. Hard to believe it was a year ago that Richard was last on the plot.

Things I took home:

  • carrots
  • kale
  • chard
  • parsnip (our first for the year)
  • turnips

The carrot experiment has confirmed that transplanting carrots as seedlings stunt’s their growth where you can clearly see the moment they were possibly transplanted by the sudden smaller width. I wondered if the same would be the case for the parsnips and so “live on air” we did pull one to find out. The result was they did the same, but even so the parsnip was certainly usable. Even more exciting was seeing the parsnip root had gone down quite a long way, if only I had sown the seed direct then it would surely win a prize.

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