Weekly Harvest 29th Oct 2019

29th October 2019

The first ever pulling of a celeriac plant, and eating afterwards. The verdict is a bit better than turnip but still something at the moment that you can bulk up a stew with. Mind you, they have not asked for much while they have been growing which is a good thing.

I pulled up some of the beetroot plants as I wanted the space to put in broad beans. Just a small number left but they will stay in the ground until needed. Broccoli plants are showing the second lot of smaller heads which altogether made enough for a meal. We still have a lot of carrots and I’m keen to use some of them before it gets too much into winter and insects decide to nibble them. The coloured carrots are still nice and straight, and some of them pretty big. The Nante carrots are ok but a bit boring compared to the others.

One cabbage left after pulling one which was just under 1kg, the last one is pretty big and I expect it to be over that mark. We have loads of cabbage in the freezer but again I wanted to take this one home before insects got a lot of it.

Who would have thought after last week’s “last lot of tomatoes”, I found another handful of ripe ones as I was pulling the plants out. The bed is now clear, only a miracle will result in more tomatoes appearing this year.

Some more bags of mushroom compost from the local nursery has added to the allotment fees to make this the most expensive month, not too surprising.

B/F £226.40

Coloured Carrots£4.32
WEEK TOTAL £9.55£4.50
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £231.45

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