Weekly Harvest 16th July 2019

16th July

I wasn’t sure if the peas were ready last week, I was pretty sure they were ready this week, we picked them all. We also finally picked the last lot of broad beans, there will be no more because I have pulled the plants up. It was also a first harvest of the yellow french beans.

I wasn’t expecting many more gooseberries but when I did a light prune I uncovered loads of red gooseberries ready for picking. Quite a difficult job with all the spikes.

The most exciting part though was picking of our first ever ridge cucumbers. They had been loads of tiny cucumbers for weeks when suddenly they are starting to get bigger and bigger… as you watched them. I picked a small sample to see what they tasted like and I wasn’t disappointed. Some say they are bitter but I didn’t get that at all, just a firmer and less watery cucumber, nicer than the smooth ones I think.

B/F £84.95

Broad Beans – 738g£3.17
Peas – 433g£0.50
Turnip – 114g£0.27
Beetroot – 125g£0.42
French Beans – 98g£0.66
Gooseberries – 456g£3.04
Chard – 80g£0.60
Ridge Cucumbers – x4£5.56
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £99.17

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