Night of the Onions

An evening visit with Tom to pull all the onions now they had died back. This included the small lot of late planted red onions which didn’t do too badly in the end. The planted quite a lot of onions and so we came home with two buckets worth. Following raking over, the bed is now ready for planting swedes in a week or two.

The soil after the onions is not the best, it was covered in the free horse manure but looking back it had too many wood shavings in which has now left a rather dried out layer of wood chips. I dug it over a bit with a hoe, it was pretty solid underneath.

The other job was to replace some of the wire fence at the entrance, replacing the post. A job for a another time is to tid yup afterwards. It was getting dark.

We bought home:

  • millions of onions to dry
  • chard
  • a couple of carrots from thinning out (including a yellow one)
  • beetroot
  • yellow french beans
  • peas (the last lot)
  • courgettes (the first lot)
  • cucumbers

The space made free by the onions only lasted until the weekend where I filled half of it with small swede plants sown at home. I also planted out lettuce and more radish plants. After a lot of rain I had a lot of weeding to do.

Bought home at the weekend:

  • a couple of onions we missed from earlier on in the week
  • more beetroot
  • more yellow and green french beans
  • more cucumbers
  • one last turnip (I won’t grow these in the spring time again)
  • rhubarb

Things that didn’t make it home(!):

  • a couple of pea pods and their peas (yum)
  • some ripe raspberries(double yum)

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