Weekly Harvest 17th September 2019

17th September

We have run out of new cucumbers meaning tomatoes have replaced them for the big crop this week. A mixture of small yellow ones and red plum ones. I also picked rhubarb which has never really gone away all summer, we just haven’t picked much of it until now.

I continue to thin the carrots which this week I picked all coloured ones by chance and each one was nice and straight. To finish off, a small bit of broccoli.

While there is chard and beetroot to be used, we have plenty at home left over from last week. It seemed like a small harvest this week but only because that is all we needed.

Good fortune on spending this week, I had been wondering what we would use to fill in the new bed by the gate that me and Tom made. Up on freecycle this week was someone with a load of bagged up top soil just down the road. We picked up 12 bags in the end and had more than enough to fill the bed plus lots extra. Unfortunately we had to give that bags back meaning we had to empty them all, leaving some rather large mole hills on the plot until the winter time.

B/F £229.54

Coloured Carrots – 197g£2.63
Broccoli – 50g£0.09
Rhubarb – 235g£3.75
Tomato – 600g£5.33
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £241.34

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