Slowing down

Normally I spend a good hour weeding each week but today it was done in just five minutes, everything has slowed down. Plenty growing but a lot slower. Saying that, no new cucumbers and so if there still none next week then I will pull these out and prep the bed ready for onions.

With nothing else to do I decided to scrape up some left over wood chippings which were delivered to the site during the summer. Most of it has gone but you can always scrape up some last bits and by doing that I was able to lay down some more path.

Things I took home:

  • tomatoes (loads of red and yellow ones)
  • carrots (still thinning them out and getting lots of different colours)
  • broccoli
  • rhubarb

A super sunny and hot day, it was quite pleasant sitting, drinking coffee and reading.

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