Weekly Harvest 2nd July 2019

2nd July

The over winter onions were not planned, someone gave them to us late in the season so I put them in the ground to see what would happen. They had died back so we pulled them up to get a number of reasonable sized onions which made it all worth while. We also dug up half of the potatoes, dried them off and put them in a large potato sack under the stairs. We plan to do the other half next week. We are still pleased with the potatoes.

There has been a lot of fruit, the netting over the bushes have helped a lot against birds, last year we had next to nothing while this year we have loads. I really thought we had seen the best of the strawberries last week, but this week we got even more. I thought I would eat the one or two blackcurrants only to fund loads of them and 20 minutes later I had picked enough to hopefully make jam. I then braved the gooseberries, picking what I could until the scratches on my arm were too much.

I won’t forget the beetroot and the turnips, we roasted those. Then I noticed the rhubarb had suddenly all grown back a lot, we added what we could to the freezer.

B/F £40.23

Strawberries – 1.287kg£6.44
Potatoes (Charlotte) – 3.12kg£3.12
Broad Beans – 51g£0.22
Chard – 209g£1.57
Rhubarb – 229g£1.43
Raspberries – 67g£0.77
Turnips – 7g£0.02
Gooseberry – 300g£2.00
Beetroot – 189g£0.63
Blackcurrant – 515g£6.87
Onions – 896g£0.88
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £63.87

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