Weekly Harvest 3rd Dec 2019

3rd December 2019

It’s all about quick visits in the cold, rain, and mud. Winter is nearly here which I can tell by the leaves on the fruit bushes have finished being their orange golden colour and are now all on the ground.

I didn’t think we had too many sprouts this year, but for two of us we have more than enough and this week was the first time picking them for the year. It was also an early Christmas, digging the potatoes. A small harvest but satisfying all the same.

A real start on digging up parsnips and a start of the leeks properly too. We are really into winter type veg now…

I thought we had probably seen the last of coloured carrots but I found some more…

B/F £245.04

New potatoes – 721g£1.72
Sprouts – 110g£0.22
Broccoli – 34g£0.06
Kale – 43g£0.22
Leeks – 223g£0.49
Carrot – 163g£0.11
Coloured Carrots – 108g£1.44
Parnsip – 922g£1.29
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £250.59

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