Unexpected moving chairs

A “quick visit” to get some parsnips and things, turned out to be a couple of hours instead. The main reason was because I lit a fire to burn some bits I had been collecting up, as it was very early in the morning I thought it would be a good time while no-one was about much. This meant I had to hang around while the fire died down, and so to fill the time I moved the ‘decking area’ that the chairs are on. I had planned to do this at some point, so it seemed a good time today.

Decking area is a bit of a posh name for a couple of pallets on the ground with the chairs on top. The old wooden chairs were inherited with the plot and so we positioned them at the end of the dug over bed. Since then the whole plot has been dug over and it now makes more sense to have chairs next to the small apple tree, moving everything over by a small bit. This I did. It means there is a now a small bit of bed which has never really been dug and so I gave it a quick dig to get rid of bindweed roots and another time I’ll cover it over with cardboard and compost. It’s all opened up one bit of the plot while narrowed another, but this is the bit around the apple tree and so was unusable for planting anyway.

Pleased that the sprout plants are all looking good and will keep us in sprouts for many months. The main carrots have now mostly all been used and so I started on the very wonky transplanted ones which are all a bit of a funny shape but usable all the same. I have four broad bean plants that have survived the mice, each still under bottles but I expect will be too big for that in a couple of weeks. I have five newly planted bean seeds undercover at home.

Did lots of tidying up, sorted out the path down the side using all the wooden pallet paths. It gets all a bit slippery in the winter, over time I will probably replace it with free woodchip.

A sunny quiet morning. I took home:

  • parsnips
  • sprouts
  • carrots
  • leeks

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