Weekly Harvest 8th October 2019

8th October 2019

Over 1kg of tomatoes, stripping the plants of all I could find (leaving one or two that might last one more week). This will be the last of them for this year.

Starting to pull carrots for real now, up until now I have been mostly thinning them out. Still pleased that most are coming out large and straight, never knowing what colour they might be.

Expenses have been high due to allotment rent being paid out, we are also starting to buy bags of mushroom compost that will continue over the coming months. Certainly a sign of autumn and winter not too far off.

B/F £254.03

Cabbage – 524g£0.88
Coloured Carrots – 607g£8.10
Broccoli – 31g£0.05
Beetroot – 220g£0.73
Tomato – 1.126kg£10.01
WEEK TOTAL £19.77£58.00
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £215.80

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