Planting Garlic

I have normally waited until just before Christmas to plant garlic and left it for six months. This year’s batch was not the best, I don’t think it got cold enough and so not all the bulbs split up into separate cloves by the time it came to harvest. The garlic was still usable but could had been so much better. Planting mid October will hopefully give them a bit more of a chance. I’ve planted a mixture of cloves from difference sources and mixed them all up, it will be interesting what will pop up.

Today is a day of drizzle and rain, so just a quick visit to plant garlic, weed/hoe, and pick some bits to bring back home.

  • carrots
  • turnips (first lot of this batch, I will give up growing turnips in the spring as they never come to much whereas late summer planted ones are always good)
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes (another ‘last harvest’ of mostly green ones but a good lot of ripe ones too

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