Weekly Harvest 17th Oct 2019

17th October 2019

The week of the green tomatoes, this must be the last pickings of tomatoes. I’ve put them on the window sill to change colour, I doubt they will that much and so I fancy having a go at fried green tomatoes.

Picking lots of carrots now and our first lot of autumn turnips which have done much better than any spring ones we ever grow. I’ll give up with spring and just do these ones from now on.

Swedes are growing but the leaves have been badly eaten by slugs and things and so I’m not sure if we will be pulling up many of these, but we shall see.

B/F £215.80

Carrot- 479g£0.36
Coloured Carrots – 349g£4.66
Broccoli – 70g£0.12
Turnip – 153g£0.37
Tomato – 572g£5.09
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £226.40

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