Weekly Harvest 11th Aug 20

11th August 2020

This year it seems like smaller harvests, but then this year we have things growing by our backdoor and so there is no need to pick a weeks worth eat weekend when we can just pick what we need when we need it. If food does taste better when it is freshly picked then our food must be tasting amazing as we can measure the time between picking, cooking, eating in just minutes. This means beetroot, tomatoes, chard… all in the garden and all ready and waiting for when we need it.

We have tomatoes at the plot but they have not done well, of which I’m not too sure why. Maybe a mixture of late planting out, a cold and wet July and a hot August. It hasn’t helped that while I tried to take all the larger variety plants up to the plot I seemed to only take the small bush tomatoes which have not been able to get the air flow and light they have wanted. In the meantime, instead of the small bush tomatoes in the garden, I have some rather tall ones. Mind you, at lunch time it is nice picking and eating a warm tomato with lunch.

Cucumbers are slow still, not helped by the super hot weather at the moment. It is clear that they like a lot of water, as the small plants in the garden (left overs) are doing really well, spreading across the ground really fast. This is because every morning I can empty a watering can at the base of them, and they love it. The ones at the allotment have to do with the same just twice a week, although we did go on a watering visit quickly this evening.

Chilli plants in the bedroom window are loving the hot weather, we are picking some deep red ones which I can imagine will be rather hot.

The only downside of harvesting as we need, is that we rarely have the chance of the photo of a big harvest…

2020 B/F £176.08

Courgette – 229g£0.49
Ridge Cucumber – 4£5.56
Tomato – 365g£3.24
Runner Beans – 55g£0.48
French Beans – 79g£0.37
Beetroot – 320g£1.07
Chilies – 40g£0.69
Chard – 45g£0.34
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £188.32

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