Weekly Harvest 18th Aug 20

18th August 2020

We have waited long enough for cucamelons, they have been growing very slowly for months and months and I thought it was time. We only have five fruits, maybe some more will turn up as there are some new flowers, but they haven’t got long to turn into fruits. This makes me think they probably will not as I’m sure we have been growing this plant for a lifetime. Having never tasted (or even seen or heard of such a thing) a cucamelon before we were not quite sure what to expect. They don’t taste like melons, they look like little tiny toy melons. I don’t really think they tasted much like cucumbers but instead more of a grape taste. After months and months of slow growing, we eat them all in less than five minutes.

Courgettes and cucumbers keep coming, cucumbers still slow although the plant int he garden looks like it is about to explode with cucumbers any minute. The garden cucumbers have had daily watering, the allotment ones have not, and with the very hot weather it really shows.

Tomatoes are about to pop up everywhere too, daily picking from the garden. Still some at the allotment but the plants have not enjoyed themselves unlike the ones in the garden.

2020 B/F £188.32

Tomato – 277g£2.46
Yellow Tomato – 44g£0.39
Runner Bean – 112g£0.68
French Bean – 23g£0.15
Beetroot – 330g£1.10
Courgette – 535g£1.14
Ridge Cucumber – 4£5.56
Chilies – 16g£0.27
Cucamelon – 5£1.25
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £206.32

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