Weekly Harvest 13th Oct 20

13th October 2020

October is the most expensive month being the time to pay the yearly plot fees. This has gone up £7 for this year of which I’m sure there was a very good reason that was not explained. Instead, I blindly paid without question. This is for just half a plot and so I think it is pretty expensive.

We are pulling lots of small carrots in the garden while the larger (and better) ones on the plot seem quite happy to be left while we do this. Of all the plants, these are the ones just holding on and refusing to stop for another week:

  • cucamelons
  • french beans
  • runner beans

Runner beans have never been a great success as they seem to get blown over and quite often killed off by the cold. In the garden they have done much better and even now there are still small beans which will be ready for picking next week. It will all come to an end quite soon as the temperature is down to single figures during the next and the amount of light each day gets less and less.

Beetroot is far from being finished, we continue pulling them as needed although have found a number of them being eaten so we might use the last ones up by making more beetroot jam.

We still have loads of tomatoes but the rate of them going red has really dropped as they no longer get any sun on them. Within a couple of weeks I’ll pick what’s left.

I pulled up a couple of ridge cucumber plants which leaves two on the plot and two at home. There are some cucumbers still on the remaining ones but I am unsure how good they will be.

2020 B/F £306.95

cucamelon – 5£1.25
french beans – 18g£0.12
carrots – 279g£0.21
coloured carrots – 23g£0.31
beetroot – 180g£0.60
runner beans – 51g£0.31
rhubarb – 7g£0.62
brocoli – 3g£0.05
cabbage – 828g£1.39
tomato – 103g£0.92
kale – 7g£0.06
chilies – 12g£0.21
cucumbers – 3£4.17
WEEK TOTAL £6.05£58
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £259.17

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