Weekly Harvest 20th Oct 20

20th October 2020

Almost like the last super, you can feel this is the ‘last harvest’ of the year. Not totally true as winter veg grow and become ready but it is clearly noticeable that it is the dark and wet end of Autumn and winter is not far off. All the plants that we have been harvesting from during the summer will soon die off. There was no reason to leave all the green tomatoes on the plants as the days are too short for them to do anything further. I have picked a lot of them with a small number of them turned their proper colour, but most are green. I will look up what/how to make green tomato chutney and all things like that.

The outdoor chilly plants have looked better but they have been growing some rather long chilies for quite a while, much larger than the indoor ones. Most have changed colour but even the green ones will be fine. Like the tomatoes, they would not be doing much more if I left them, apart from being eaten by slugs and things.

They are probably going to be rather bitter, but I did pick three cucumbers which will probably be it for this year. Likewise, the garden will look strange when we pull up the runner beans. We took a small picking but I think that will be it for now.

The last butternut squash was picked and will make some soup when the time comes.

On to the new vegetables and I noticed a turnip ready at home, which we pulled and have since eaten. No visit to the plot this week but I know there will be turnips waiting for me there too.

Over the coming days, the garden will start to look bare once again as we pull up the bits remaining, although turnips, kale, parsnips will all remain for quite some time.

2020 B/F £259.17

runner beans – 60g£0.36
chillies – 75g£1.29
turnip – 65g£0.14
tomato – 1.5kg£13.34
ridge cucumber x 3£4.17
butternut squash – 614g£1.29
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £279.62

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