Making the most of the sun and the day light

Probably the only sunny and clear day for a little while and certainly the last chance for an evening visit to the plot until March. Taking advantage of finishing work at 5 and arriving home also at 5, I went up for a quick hour (which seemed to take the normal 60 minutes) to make sure all was ok and to plant some cabbage and onions out.

The cabbage are spring cabbage which were sowed the other month and have looked ready for planting out for a bit. I added these next to the winter cabbage which have grown massive. I have around eight plants but I only planted two of them as I don’t have the space for eight, nor do we want to eat eight. I’m not too sure what to do with the remaining six.

We also had some over wintering onions grown from seed, something I’ve never tried before so it will be interesting. I planted these out, a bit like leeks but I filed the holes.

Light was fading fast so I did a bit of tidying up of yellow leaves and the old courgette plants. I noticed a lot of caterpillar activity on the sprouts which was a bit annoying as they are under netting. I picked off four massive ones but of course I’m sure there are a lot more lurking. Fortunately the plants are large and can cope, but I will have a better look during the day at the weekend. I’ve found a lot of caterpillars on the turnips at home too, but that’s been easier for me each lunchtime to pick them off.

I saw the broad beans were all looking good, more to plant at the weekend. Peas still going well so far. Turnips and swedes really a lot of plant and I pulled one of the turnips. The swedes, which originally looked a bit dodgy, look like they will give us something worthwhile after all.

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