Weekly Harvest 16th June 20

16th June 2020

The start of the “big three” harvests with pulling of the garlic (the other two being onions and potato which are to come in the following weeks). We planted garlic early last year and really we should had pulled it up a good couple of weeks ago. All plants had well and truly died back which runs the risk of us leaving some still in the ground unnoticed. Still, we pulled up over 20, none super massive I must admit. They suffered from rust (just like last year), next time we will certainly space them out a lot more.

I am always undecided about the raspberries as I’m aware they must be quite old and don’t give massive fruit, the ground is riddled with bindweed which is an on going task of keeping at bay. It looked like not much would happy this year fruit wise, but I did notice small pickings during the week. On an evening visit with Tom, suddenly there were loads. Sure, a lot of small berries but all suitable for jam.

Also suddenly looking a bit better were the strawberries. Having cut down a lot of the over hanging branches, suddenly there were a lot of (small) red strawberries which were worth picking. Certainly this is not going to be like last year when we were getting bored of too many strawberries, but maybe not as bad as we thought.

We have picked the last of the broad beans, half the amount in weight from last year but then also about half the amount of plants too. Over wintering still seems the better way to go.

Lettuce continues with a couple of the first plants starting to go to seed after giving for a long time, we still have plenty more to go on the other plants. We finally started pulling some of the white icicle radish which are pretty hot tasting. I think I prefer the more normal red globe ones though. We have some of those still as seedlings undercover, possibly read to plant out in a week’s time to continue things once the icicle ones have finished.

2020 B/F £5.01

Strawberries – 200g£1.00
Broad Beans- 1.16kg£4.99
Lettuce – 118g£0.28
Raspberries – 331g£4.42
Radish – 117g£0.94
Garlic – 28£16.80
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £33.44

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