Cutting down trees

Maybe not the whole tree but a certain amount of branches had to go from the trees that over hang the plot. We had done this in the winter but certainly not enough it seemed as I am sure the strawberries are not thriving because of the lack of rain getting to them but the amount of sun which is still present. These trees are on the north side, so don’t hide any of the heat and light, just the canopy of leaves stopping the rain. That’s part of my thinking, I also think the bed needs mulching, such things we missed out doing.

I felt I had been able to reach all the bits overhanging that were low enough already, what it really needed was some of the larger branches coming off. I haven’t had a need to climb a tree for ages and so jumped at the chance this time, armed with my saw. We’ll see if it makes any difference, either way it was quite fun.

Potatoes half dying back which shows it is time to start digging. They suggest 100 days after planting and it will be 100 days give or take a week. likewise, garlic has been wanting to be pulled up for a couple of weeks and so we will do that, maybe on the next visit. The winter onions too suddenly have started drooping a bit, a sign that they would like to be pulled too.

Instead, we picked what is probably going to be the last of the over wintered broad beans. I’ll see when we do the weekly harvest but I think we are probably on par with last year with the idea that we planted half the amount this time. Strawberries, which we hopped to have picked buckets full by now, we got two from the plot, and 1 from home. Raspberries however, which last week I started picking, this week I filled up a small punnet of them. I wasn’t thinking they would do much this year but have saved themselves again. None of them are massive, but they are all good for making jam.

With all the tree climbing, it turned out quite a hot afternoon at the plot.

Back at home, things continue to grow. We planted out some of the tomato plants which means most are now either planted on the plot or in the ground at home. They are all still small and not really growing, but I don’t expect much until they have had better weather for a while. Meanwhile I uncovered the icicle radish which showed they are more than ready to be pulled and eaten. Potatoes at home are still very much alive and some flowering, the first lot are probably 1-2 weeks behind the plot ones. The last lot of potatoes have suddenly doubled in size, they are probably another 2-3 later on.

I had a pleasant afternoon sitting two metres away from Richard from The Veg Grower Podcast, discussing the garden plot and the allotment. We have wanted to meet up for ages and so it was great finally having the chance and to share/show some of the things we have done, to what was just a lawn.

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