Weekly Harvest 9th June 20

9th June 2020

No radish, maybe next week the long white icicle ones might be ready. We have our first onions however, these were just four of the over wintered ones which looked like they might well go to seed and so pulling them up now seemed a good idea. They are currently drying off. We will pull the rest of them in three or four weeks.

Lettuce is growing so fast that we are giving a lot of it away to our friends with rabbits, which seems better than putting it on the compost. We have 12 plants which is 11 plants too many really, but having them at home and picking bits as we need is still working better than it all being at the allotment.

Raspberries are not looking too good, lots of yellowing leaves which I’m not surprised about. The soil is pretty rock hard clay with no looking after this year (unlike last year where I mulched it all quite a bit). Plus, of course, we have birds to contend with too. However, last year I collected enough to make some jam and so this year I have started to do the same, not many to start with….

2020 B/F £1.37

Onions – 867g£0.83
Broad Beans- 527g£2.27
Lettuce – 142g£0.33
Raspberries – 16g£0.21
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £5.01

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