Weekly Harvest 18th Feb 20

18th February 2020

A small break in the bad weather gave me a chance to do a harvest. The last of the sprouts, swede and celeriac, along with the normal leeks. The sprouts had seen better days which meant we lost quite a lot of them, all due to bad weather and the inability to pick them. Leeks on the other hand were good and the celeriac had swollen quite a bit. I’m still not sure if I’ll do those again this year, although they have been quite easy to look after.

After last month’s disappointing visit to get mushroom compost where not only did he not have many bags but he had put his prices up a lot too, we passed someone selling horse manure on the side of the road. I had driven past and seen it many times in the past but never had a need for it. This time though we stopped to pick up four bags at £1 each. Unfortunately the weather has not been nice again to open the bags up and take a look of what we have got. Maybe this weekend…

B/F £261.30

Sprouts – 519g£1.04
Leeks – 492g£1.08
Celeriac- 675g£1.08
Swede – 199g£0.10
WEEK TOTAL £3.30£4
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £260.60

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