Weekly Harvest 21st Jan 20

21st January 2020

The cold day of the parsnips, I pulled up the remaining ones in the ground and most of them were pretty good looking (not perfect, but still good). A spent quite some time later on in the day at home chopping them up and putting them in the freezer. We’ve eaten some of them and really pleased with them. Next time though, we need to pull them a lot sooner to take advantage of them a lot younger.

I also thought we should be picking a lot more sprouts, only handfuls so far but this time I stripped one of the plants. These are mostly cut up and frozen, again we have already eaten some of them.

It was the day for it, so I decided we should be pulling more swedes. They are small and not particularly well formed but actually they were perfect for us.

I’m now pulling the larger leeks from the main leek bed and will keep doing so over the coming months until they have all been used. I’m thinking ahead and taken leeks from places where I’m sure in a couple of month’s time I will want to plant onions.

B/F £252.92

Sprouts – 511g£1.02
Leeks – 465g£1.02
Kale – 26g£0.14
Chard – 202g£1.52
Parsnips – 2.03kg£2.84
Swede – 275g£0.14
RUNNING 2019 TOTAL £259.46

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