Weekly Harvest 27th Oct 20

27th October 2020

I must plan out next year’s seeds and put in an order, I’ve been saying that for months. There were some things I had to buy as time was running out, that was the over wintering things like broad beans, garlic, onions… I’ve since bought them and planted them (infact the garlic is growing well already), but the credit card bill didn’t arrive until this week.

The carrots on the plot have been ready for pulling for a while and this week I pulled most of them, a mixture of Nantes and coloured carrots. I was happy with what I pulled, much bigger carrots than those in the garden. I’m still amazed by how cheap carrots are and how expensive coloured carrots are.

It is turnip time, pulling them both at the plot and at home. Not being the most exciting of things, we are bit behind in eating them. Chilie plants are suffering from the cold and dark, even the ones indoors. There are still some chilies growing but I picked most of the good ones this week.

While at the plot I noticed and picked a whole load of raspberries which was an unexpected breakfast. Likewise, I dug up some of the rogue potatoes that have been slowly growing and finally died back. There was enough for a meal which was good.

Amazingly, money coming in matched money coming out (give or take 1p).

2020 B/F £279.62

carrots – 1.076kg£0.75
spinach – 6g£0.01
kale – 11g£0.10
turnip – 222g£0.48
raspberry – 80g£1.07
chillies – 50g£0.86
brocoli – 17g£0.03
coloured carrot – 716g£9.55
potato – 305g£0.61
WEEK TOTAL £13.46£13.45
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £279.63

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