Weekly Harvest 6th Oct 20

We have been watching for months, the small butternut squash fruits slowly growing… Some even managed to get past their small stage and didn’t die off, and two of them we picked this week. The third year of trying to grow these and finally a result. I wouldn’t say a great success as we had many small fruits over time but only three of them survived. I wonder if lack of water and sun at times. Two of them had changed colour and so it felt time to cut them off. The big difference this year is that this plant was in the garden and not the allotment, where the plants die off within seconds. I put it to lack of water retaining compost and soil, the plot is all clay and in baked in the sun. I might make a small squash bed at the plot next year to see if I can get it to work. Meanwhile, in the garden, the conditions seemed better, apart from the over shadowing of other plants at times.

Because of the weather we have not picked anything from the plot this week, everything is from the garden. Beetroot is back because I made jars of beetroot pickle. Runner beans continue and there will be one more harvest (again). Cucamelon plants are dying off but I managed to pick a small number of the strange fruits.

It’s certainly constantly wet and raining now, the days are shorter than the nights, the tomatoes and chillies will have to be picked within the next couple of weeks. Everytime there is a bit of a sunny warm day, both these plants come to life with red tomatoes and chillies, we just need a couple more days like that.

6th October 2020

2020 B/F £296.92

tomato – 247g£2.20
cucamelon – 8£2.00
coloured carrots – 7g£0.09
carrot – 120g£0.09
runner beans – 246g£1.49
butternut squash – 853g£1.79
beetroot – 594g£1.98
chillies – 23g£0.39
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £306.95

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