Weekly Harvest 8th Sept20

8th September 2020

Rather lacking on harvest photos as we just pick them as needed from the garden most of the time at the moment. We continue with beetroot and now really starting on the carrots in the garden. We have them on the plot too and those look to be slightly larger. Even so, each carrot is proper carrot shape, sometimes they are not just plain orange but white or purple.

Runner beans still have plenty of growth and flowers, we might be lucky and have some more before it gets too dark and cold. I wait to pick a load more tomatoes, we have millions of them but they are all green. Crossing fingers for a bit of sun to ripen them before, again, it gets too dark and cold.

Picking mustard leaves and small spinach leaves for lunch time sandwiches. Kale we chopped up and added to homemade soup. I’m hoping quite soon we will be able to use our own butternut squashes to make soup.

The bit harvest of the week was from our small apple tree on the plot. Nothing massive but all nice to have all the same.

Surprise harvest of the week has been more cucamelons. I thought we had seen the last of these but suddenly there were one or two more.

2020 B/F £237.78

Coloured carrot – 64g£0.85
ridge cucumber – 2£2.78
carrot – 101g£0.08
tomato – 152g£1.35
beetroot – 361g£1.21
cucamelon – 4£1.00
lettuce – 48g£0.11
apples – 691g£1.38
kale – 10g£0.09
runner beans – 31g£0.19
RUNNING 2020 TOTAL £246.82

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