Planting peas and beans

The first lot of planting at the plot for a while, peas and broad beans both a variety for overwintering. I haven’t yet planned out the beds for next year and so these went in one of the beds that was ready for such things. We’ll plant some more broad beans in a month’s time like we normally do around that time of the year, but these will get things started.

I collected more rotted down horse manure from the ‘field with the horse in’. Still no sign of the horse and so I don’t know for how much longer I’ll be able to collect from here. For today I was collecting for the plot and the garden. At the plot I wanted to increase the depth of the soil around the strawberries which suffered a lot during the summer between lack of water (overhanging trees) and possibly lack of soil. I had meant to do this back in March when we first got the load strawberries but world events got in the way a bit. As a result, we have had minimal strawberries this year.

The other bags collected went home and I used to start filling the bed that is now halfway edged with wood. The other half will have to wait until the winter as there are too many plants still growing.

At the plot I came home with cabbage and rhubarb. Earlier on in the week, me and tom picked courgettes and broccoli. We also tidied up the compost area a bit more.

In the garden we continue to use beetroot and carrots, chard and kale. Tomato picking each morning and keeping an eye out for cucumbers.

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