Weekly Harvest 10th Aug 21

10th August 2021

A positive start some actual red tomatoes growing well, and being picked, in the garden. To contrast this, a whole load of green tomatoes salvaged from the blight ridden ones on the plot. The garden plants have been battling with blight but I have been able to remove bits each morning and so far it is giving the tomatoes a bit of a better chance. We have also had (a small bit of) sun which is really all the tomatoes want.

The wet weather has made the two courgette plants go bonkers, along with the cucumbers and the patty pans. We nearly could not bring everything back home there was so much produce, it looked like a church harvest festival in the kitchen (minus the old tins from the back of the cupboard that people give).

In the garden the french beans have been a bit over shadowed by other plants, when I delved under all the greenery I found quite a number of them, picked them all and put a lot in the freezer. We will probably get some more, but that’s the bulk of them. During this discovery, I found some potatoes had made it to the surface and so I picked these out of the ground too.

We cut our first white cabbage of the year, and we are starting to pull up the odd carrot as needed from the garden, along with runner beans.

The patty pans are all over the place, I’m picking them a lot smaller than the large one last week.

2021 B/F £210.69

Ridge Cucumber – 8£11.12
Apples – 349g£0.70
Rhubarb – 193g£1.27
French Beans – 550g£3.67
Cabbage – 447g£0.36
Chard – 117g£0.37
Chilies – 30g£0.45
Courgettes – 4.8kg£10.27
Carrots – 29g£0.02
Potatoes – 826g£1.65
Tomatoes – 975g£8.67
Runner Beans – 127g£0.77
Patty Pan – 1.093kg£4.37
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £254.38

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