Another year of green tomatoes

It’s been windy, cold and raining… we escaped out for a walk up to the plot, and it was a good job we did. The two major things, squash plants and tomatoes.

Starting with the bad things, the tomatoes… Blight has been creeping about the tomatoes for the last week, I noticed another plot that was mostly full of tomato plants the other week was now bare with all the plants gone. Last time I walked past they looked in trouble and with such a wet year it’s not surprising. Last week, ours looked slightly affected, this week we got there just in time to save what we could. A lot of remaining unaffected tomatoes, all looking good but just the wrong colour. If we had left it a couple more days then I don’t think we would have had any of these, so we now have a good collection of green tomatoes to make chutney. At home, the tomatoes are at risk, with daily removing any blight looking bits. We just need a couple of hot sunny days and it will be sorted…

On to better things, the squash plants. It was a good job, again, that we got there in time as the squash plants had multiplied so much they would soon be walking off the plot and mugging the dog walkers as they passed by. We managed to pick a large collection of courgettes, patty pan and cucumbers. We nearly couldn’t carry it all home.

Along with squash, we picked our first white cabbage, added some chard and rhubarb.

Meanwhile, at home in the garden it is a bit of a windy jungle. I planted out some spinach and we picked all the french beans we could see, along with some of the runner beans. While doing this, a number of potatoes were poking up and so I grabbed those as well. The squash plants in the garden are loving the water and are probably a little too large now. They were only in the garden as we had not had luck with them on plot before, but with the success at the plot we probably won’t have to have them in the garden again. It would give the carrots a bi of a chance too.

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