Weekly Harvest 3rd August 21

3rd August 2021

It’s a week of millions of courgettes from just two plants, and a week of the second row of potatoes (charlotte) dug and giving just under 8kg, another good harvest. But the biggest news is our first patty pan! Not quite sure how to store it, or even how to eat it, but we’ll work all that out.

The courgettes are a bit of a challenge, we are giving them away to anyone who loiters near the house to too long. While I cannot see them grow as I watch them, they do seem to reappear within minutes of picking them.

We only have two cucumber plants (the other two didn’t germinate) and so we expect less cucumbers this year. The plants are doing better than last year, but the weather is just not summer like, we need more sun and warmth to get millions of cucumbers.

I picked rhubarb and a couple of carrots by mistake, I picked our first tomato. Like the cucumbers, these are going to need a lot more sun and warmth, and I’m not sure they are going to get it this year. I pulled up some of the left over onions, they are mostly ones grown from seed. They are smaller than the sets but still usable and have been quite nice, and strong.

2021 B/F £171.86

Ridge Cucumber – 4£5.56
Rhubarb – 200g£1.31
French Beans – 454g£3.03
Spring Onions – 68g£0.54
Onions – 416g£0.40
Chard – 97g£0.31
Chilies – 6g£0.09
Beetroot – 275g£0.99
Raspberry – 400g£6.67
Carrots – 84g£0.06
Potato – 7.69kg£15.38
Tomato – 40g£0.36
Runner Beans – 45g£0.27
Patty Pan – 964g£3.86
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £210.69

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