Weekly Harvest 11th May 21

11th May 2021

A number of milestones reached this week, it is hard to know which one to go with first. The harvest of our first radish of the year, straight out of the garden, sliced and into my cheese sandwich I was having for lunch sitting outside in the sun. We have plenty more radish to pull, as we need it. Both the weather and the fact that our garden still seems to be a bit of a building site has meant we haven’t used it much yet (where as last year we seemed to live in it). So it was nice to have lunch in the garden, even nicer to have the one symbolic radish.

Back on the plot and I pulled up the remaining leeks (another milestone) which turned out to be quite a large harvest which has matched 2019. I’m pleased with that. While that was the last of the leeks, I picked a first lot of small broad beans.

The rhubarb is thinning out but still plenty and lots of new growth.

The last milestone was getting back into positive revenue for the year.

2021 B/F £2.14

broad beans – 113g£0.51
rhubarb – 370g£2.43
leeks – 1.406£3.09
radish – 21g£0.07
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £3.96

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