Rain and sun

Which means weeds have shot up during the week, I spent the first hour weeding, pulling up bindweed and hoeing other bits. It had been very windy over the past days and the neighboring plot had lost their plastic greenhouse, I was pleased to find my fruit cage frame still up. I was a bit taken back that it had traveled a good metre down the plot but at least it was all in once piece. The main purpose of today’s visit would be to complete the frame ready to be covered with netting.

I am not convinced the frame is as straight as it could be, infact I’m sure it follows the contours of the ground a bit, but it’s not a problem. I made a number of wooden pegs and hammered them in either side of the base to keep it from moving. I don’t think it will fly off in high winds as there is nothing to catch it, the netting will be quite open as it’s only birds it has to keep out.

While I had my saw and drill I took a look at the compost and how the front of it has been propped up with a piece of wood for months. I removed that and screwed in a couple of lengths of wood up the length of either side as runners and then had a go at sliding in a bit of old decking at the bottom. It worked quite well, and with loads of old decking at home, I just need to cut a some to the right length and I can slide them in place as the compost grows. While doing this, it was good to see the compost was composting pretty well.

I pulled up the last lot of leeks which turned out to be quite a lot and I think we have done quite well after all. Each of the leeks are quite short and I’m wondering if that just how they are (I forget what variety they are). I picked some rhubarb and I also picked the first lot of broad beans. After all the wind I had to tie up the broad beans a bit more.

Meanwhile at home I picked out celeriac seedlings and planted runner and french beans. A bit later that last year where I had put planted french beans by now, but I do remember they just sat in the ground doing nothing for weeks so by planting them now I don’t think I’m missing out much. It’s also been very cold so far this year and everything it a bit later.

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