Weekly Harvest 4th May 21

4th May 2021

The purple sprouting is past it’s best and so I picked what I could and left the plants uncovered so the birds could finish off the rest. I have been pleased with the short harvest, it’s a long wait for such a small window but it has been a good window.

Talking of windows, it is about to close on the leeks, they all need to be out of the ground quite soon. I pulled up half of them and will do the other half next week. The amount this year hasn’t been too bad, a lot less than last year and about 1kg less than the year before. They had a bad start and so they have done well taking that into account. Give it two or three weeks and I’ll be planting the next lot.

Rhubarb needed picking and so took as much as I could in order to thin it out and to uncover the path that it has spread across.

2021 B/F £11.30

purple sprouting – 192g£2.09
rhubarb – 768g£5.05
leeks – 916g£2.02
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL -£2.14

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