Weekly Harvest 13th July 21

13th July 2021

The harvests have really started, better late than never. I pulled the winter onions, one of the core harvests, and I’m pleased with them. Once again the winter onions have performed really well and grown really big, just need it to stop raining for a bit to allow me to dry them out a bit. The rest of the onions, due to be pulled in a week or two, is not going to be brilliant, they have not done well.

I could had pulled kilos of rhubarb but there would be no where to keep it fresh and so I took a small amount, gave some to the plot owner next to us and took a small bit home for tea.

Not seen as a “core harvest”, but an exciting one all the same, we started picking peas in the garden and filled a bag for a freezer while picking others for meals as needed. Something we have never harvested before are spring onions, they take so long to grow but it’s been worth it, esp the purple ones. We have a row of spring onions in the garden and we pick them moments before tea.

I wanted to wait for a warm sunny evening but I felt it would not come before the currants were past their best. I did have a sunny morning instead, I climbed into the fruit cage and picked loads of redcurrants. I wanted to pick the blackcurrants too but ran out of time, I’ll do that later on in the week. Even with the redcurrants I didn’t get to pick them all, and a lot were falling on the ground too (I picked up what I could). I’ll repeat this again later on in the week. A lot of the currants went to make jam, while the rest I’ll eat during the week. We still have the temporary blackcurrant bush in the garden (it’s on it’s second year of being there!), it’s not covered but birds don’t bother it (probably because of the cats maybe). I picked some for a meal during the week as I passed.

Garlic, not seen as a “core harvest” but actually probably should be. I pulled them last month and they have been drying undercover until this week when I tidied them up and sorted them out ready to be used in the kitchen. We have some really good garlics but a number were left a bit too long in the ground and individual cloves have started to grow again. It’s not a problem, but doesn’t look impressive.

Squash plants on the plot have loved the rain. Courgettes have started with me cutting them off on each visit to the plot.

We are pulling beetroot a lot now, thinning the lines out while we do.

It’s been a great week harvest wise.

2021 B/F £52.44

radish – 26g£0.09
rhubarb – 632g£4.15
peas – 275g£1.05
spring onions – 116g£0.93
spinach – 32g£0.04
blackcurrant – 27g£0.33
strawberry – 170g£1.06
beetroot – 309g£1.11
onions – 1.295kg£1.19
courgette – 357g£0.76
redcurrant – 1.425kg£21.38
garlic – 32£19.20
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £103.73

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