Weekly Harvest 1st June 21

21st June 2021

We have started pulling radish interplanted with the parsnips, and they are massive! A mixture of red and white ones, most are perfectly formed round radish, I’m quite proud of them! I’ve taken small pickings of lettuce and spinach. The lettuce has now gone to seed, a lot of cool wet weather and then suddenly hot and dry, it didn’t like it. I have seedlings growing that will be ready to plant out in a week or so.

We could had/should had picked more broad beans but we are still eating last year’s from the freezer and have run out of room. I didn’t mean to grow as many this year as it’s only really me who likes them. We have been eating them in salads (with the massive radish) and this week we picked just enough for that. We need to pick a lot more though and not waste what we have grown.

The surprise of the week was pulling rogue parsnips and finding actual parsnips at the other end. They were a bit “rooty” but still able to chop into small chunks and add to pasties that we were making.

2021 B/F £10.84

broad bean – 0.184g£0.83
spinach – 7g£0.01
lettuce – 21g£0.03
radish -466g£1.51
parsnip – 158g£0.22
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £13.44

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