Weekly Harvest 21st Dec 21

12st December 2021

Finally pulled the last of the beetroot, both at the plot and at home. The ones at home suffered from being over shadowed by the parsnips which grow a lot better than I expected. Those remaining were not the biggest, we had already pulled them earlier on in the year. The ones at the plot were started off in seed trays and multi-planted. They were not over shadowed and were a good size. It turned out that most of them were white or yellow in colour and not red. This made for interesting looking beetroot chutney that I made from them, no the normal dark red colour.

2021 B/F £354.01

kale – 25g£0.22
sprouts – 52g£0.11
beetroot – 655g£2.36
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £356.70

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