More onions and less fence

Short days, mostly just drizzle, damp, and cloud, but sometimes the odd bit of sun too. I took the couple of hours of sun and walked up to the plot with a tray of onions that had been growing on the our window sill from seed since November. I was a month behind, I should had sown these in October to plant out in November but a month later should not really be a problem. I don’t plan to get any great big onions from these, I’ll leave these to the sets I put in the other month. I’ve multi-sown and planted these in little groups with the idea of some small onions for salads and such things.

I picked the remaining beetroot on the plot which came a quite a reasonable amount of good sized beetroots. Once cleared, I tidied up the bed. It still has some carrots in the ground, they were too small for picking and I don’t suppose they would have grown a great deal since. I’ll leave them until I need the ground.

You don’t need that much time to work on things. Within 10 minutes I cleared a bit more of the old wire fence at the end of the plot where I put the blackberry in last week. I probably need just a bit more time to finish clearing it all and then put in a low bit of edging to keep the weeds from spreading into the plot.

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