Weekly Harvest 25th May 21

25th May 2021

It feels like February, but longer hours. It can’t be the warmth that has made things grow, it must be the light and rain, with small bits of sun but plenty of wind. Radish seem like like it, we are picking massive radish each day at the moment. The rocket however isn’t as happy and has started to go to seed even though it hasn’t really had much of a chance to do anything. Not to worry as I have lettuce seedlings starting to show. Broad beans are covered in pods, a lot look quite big but the beans inside are not massive. I don’t know if it’s down to the ‘brand’ of bean or just how things are. We picked some and made a small broad bean salad/salsa which was nice, there are plenty left to grow bigger.

With the gooseberry bushes moved it has allowed one of the rhubarb plants to make the most of the space without being over crowded. We picked from that plant and the main one. We made rhubarb cordial which we are still drinking and it feels like the perfect cold drink on a hot day. Still waiting for the hot day.

2021 B/F £4.25

broad bean – 0.414g£1.86
rhubarb – 545g£3.58
rocket- 9g£0.01
radish -350g£1.14
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £10.84

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