Weekly Harvest 9th June 21

9th June 2021

An expensive week as the netting I bought the other month finally had to be paid for, and as expenses go on the plot it counts as quite major. Hopefully it’s a one off that will last a long time and the plot does look better and the fruit bushes are not being attacked by birds. Having said that, I did arrive one evening to see a bird flapping about trying to escape the netting, which it did in the end. Hopefully he won’t tell his friends.

In the space of a (sunny) week plants in the garden have doubled in size and the radish is a prime example. We are only pulling one or two each day but they are massive. One or two have started to go to seed but most are just massive and very peppery radish.

At the plot I spotted and picked a couple of strawberries. Last year we got hardly anything and so I wanted to grab them before any slugs did. There are plenty of growing strawberries, hopefully we will get to see them ripen. Also at the plot I wanted to pick broad beans just to clear a way in the mass of plant that we have. In the end this small picking was over 1kg, I need to go back and pick some properly but we are causing a problem as I’m the only one that eats them. Having them in salads and eating them raw is making a start, but the rest will have to go into the freezer with the hope that the next massive wave of beans coming up can be found a home.

The rhubarb has come back and a quick picking produced quite a lot, I’ll use that for the normal crumble and cordial.

2021 B/F £13.44

broad bean – 1.356£6.10
spinach – 28g£0.04
lettuce – 17g£0.03
radish -399g£1.30
rhubarb- 406g£4.06
strawberry – 66g£0.41
WEEK TOTAL £11.94£13.99
RUNNING 2021 TOTAL £11.39

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