Weekly Harvest 10th Aug 22

10th August 2022

Another week of beetroot, with a helping of french and runner beans. We are picking and eating a lot of them all. While at the plot I am picking and eating blackberries and raspberries as little snacks.

I’ve dug up most of the potatoes but I’ve yet to weigh all of them, and so we weighing and using them as we go for the time being.

I’m not sure what is up with the courgettes, we are getting them but with three plants I would expect courgettes in their millions.

2022 B/F 193.82

beetroot – 1.209kg£4.84
spring onion – 42g£0.34
runner beans – 390g£2.72
blackberries – 200g£3.00
raspberry – 100g£1.33
potato – 1.118kg£1.19
courgette – 448g£1.12
french beans – 171g£1.20
carrot – 275g£0.13
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £209.69

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