Weekly Harvest 19th Aug 22

19th August 2022

Borlotti beans are something we have never grown, it was only because we got sent seeds from The Veg Grower Podcast that I planted them to see what they would do. We got a row of good looking plants which gave as a load of pods. With all the hot and dry weather we didn’t need to do much to dry the pods as they did that all by themselves still on the (now dying back) plant. I picked all of the crisp pods and got a good bowlful of beans. I wondered how I would cook these and in the end I did the following:

  1. simmer for 40 minutes with some water and herbs
  2. added a load of salt and left in the water for 10 minutes while it soaked some of the liquid up
  3. added a small bit of olive oil and pasta tomato sauce

The best beans ever..

We went away for a couple of days and I wanted to make a cake to take with us, so I picked a bit of rhubarb and made a rhubarb and ginger cake.

It was time to dig up most of the potatoes, leaving just the last row which was really only planted out late as I had left over seed potatoes. With all the dry and hot weather I thought these rows died back a bit too early and this was evident as the harvest was good but not anything like we had last year (a wet year).

The hot dry weather has affected the squash plants, even though I have been watering them a lot, we are still not having anything great. Hardly any courgettes and not really any cucumbers. I picked one cucumber.

2022 B/F £209.59

rhubarb – 184g£1.66
borlotti beans – 143g£0.34
potato pink fur – 819g£4.91
beetroot – 376g£1.50
spring onion – 57g£0.46
runner beans – 140g£0.98
ridge cucumber – 1£1.50
potato – 9.141kg£9.14
french beans – 42g£0.29
carrot – 45g£0.03
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £230.40

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