Weekly Harvest 18th May 22

18th May 2022

Last year we didn’t really get any lettuce growing, it was eaten by slugs before we even saw it. It was quite wet and cold. This year, for May, it is so far a mixture of warm sun and warm rain and the slugs have been kept off. This means lettuce has featured in my cheese sandwiches each day.

At the plot I picked some of the broad beans. I was not going to grow any this year as it’s only me that eats them and the freezer is still fall of the things, but I couldn’t resist and so planted three during the autumn last year – they are now ready for picking. The rest of the radish from the plot, markers for the parsnips, were pulled up. Many of them had gone to seed with the warm sun and rain over the week.

Something else from last year, the one chilli plant that over wintered gave us three small chillies.

2022 B/F £43.58

lettuce- 60g£1.00
radish – 273g£0.89
broad beans – 273g£0.92
chillies – 3g£0.04
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £46.43

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