Weekly Harvest 18th Oct 22

18th October 2022

It’s been a heavy week, everything is measured in kilos. The beetroot is past it’s best, but we have pulled some more to use it up, this lot we gave away. The big things are the pumpkin and the butternut squash. Butternut we have grown each year but this is the best harvest we have had and it’s only one squash so far. We have three in total and this is the biggest by far.

We have never grown pumpkins before and we have a couple of them on the plot. The one we cut this week was a good size for a lantern but it seems a waste to just use it for that. We will be making pumpkin pie but I’m told the smaller pumpkins make sweeter pie and so I’ll cut the second one this weekend for that, it’s quite a bit smaller.

The squashes are sitting on the shelf under cover outside for the time being.

2022 B/F £273.06

beetroot – 1.5kg£6.00
pumpkin – 4.578kg£9.16
butternut squash – 1.951kg£3.90
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £292.12

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