Weekly Harvest 20th Sept 22

20th September 2022

No surprise that we have been picking (red) tomatoes, but a bit of a surprise to find a courgette and a cucumber. The courgette just appeared, it was not there at the beginning of the week but it was at the end. Likewise, I was not expecting a cucumber but upon looking through the leaves of the pumpkin plant which seems to have taken over the plot, I found it lurking there.

We are picking rhubarb each week, we have been making rhubarb cake.

2022 B/F £300.34

ridge cucumber – 1£1.50
rhubarb – 550g£4.95
courgette – 218g£0.55
tomatoes – 612g£5.44
RUNNING 2022 TOTAL £312.78

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